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Who We Are 

MassCommute is a coalition of 15 Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) working with over 400 businesses, medical facilities and higher learning institutions in 52 municipalities across the Commonwealth. TMAs leverage public and private funds to promote the use of transportation options that reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions while improving access and quality of life for commuters. 

The mission of MassCommute is to:  Collaborate, Advocate, and Inform. MassCommute works collaboratively with state agencies and other partners to develop programs and events aimed at promoting Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures; advocates on behalf of TMA members on important legislation and regulatory reform issues that impact our members and their employees; and informs TMAs about important state-wide & federal transportation issues affecting their member organizations. 

Executive Committee

Andrea Leary (Merrimack Valley, North Shore & Junction TMO/As) , Assistant Managing Director

Patrick Sullivan (Seaport TMA), Past Managing Director

Emma Groves (A Better City TMA), Secretary

Mary Daly (Seaport TMA), Treasurer