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ACT National's "40 Under 40" Awards Recognize Two MassCommute Members

October 12th, 2016

Two MassCommute members- Patrick Sullivan, Executive Director of the Seaprort TMA and Monica Tibbits-Nutt, Executive Director of the 128 Business Council- received recognition at this week's Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) TDM Forum as "40 Under 40 National Leaders Honorees". The awards recognized leaders in the transportation demand management industry, highlighting a diverse group of individuals who range from digital start-ups and big name companies, who make transit options more accessible, to city and regional transportation officials most effectively increasing the use of commuter benefits and rideshare across the country.

"This group represents a cross section of our industry and how TDM is integrated throughout the public and private sectors. These forty individuals are shining stars for the TDM profession and we look forward to them leading TDM for many years to come," said ACT President Rob Henry.

Google TDM program manager Lucy Tice, a graduate of the ACT Leadership Academy, and member of ACT’s Board earned a place on the list for her efforts at Google to help people start and commit to bike commuting and other options. Google’s first Bike to Work Month challenge featured over 870 participants and over 15,000 bike trips logged. She has also increased carpooling by 48 percent. "ACT has been an important part of my professional development and career, and I look forward to continued participation in ACT and greatly appreciate this honor," said Tice, who also served on the marketing committee to promote collaboration at the 2016 ACT International Conference.

Ryan Croft, co-founder and COO at Washington, D.C.-based TransitScreen, which creates real-time displays of transit options, was honored for the empowering technology TransitScreen has installed at workplaces and universities across the globe. The U.S. State Department recently named Croft to its working group on smart cities. “ACT and it's members are at the cutting edge of improving city life for residents and large employers. It's an honor to join so many innovative transportation professionals on this list trying to make cities better places to live and work,” Croft said.

ACT announced the awards on the closing day of their inaugural Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Forum in Boston, which brought together over 140 transportation professionals. “The energy and passion these honorees show everyday for improving our cities is at the heart of our collaborative efforts,” said ACT Executive Director David Straus. “The work these individuals have done to inspire changes in their communities and beyond is having an incredible impact to make our cities more livable, more economically competitive, and more prepared for sustainable growth into the future.”

Read more and see the full list of winners

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