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Steps to Develop a TMA

Below is a list of recommendations for a business, institution or municipality to develop a TMA:

  • Secure at least three businesses/institutions as founding members.
      - These organizations should designate one representative each to serve on a temporary 
        formation committee while the TMA is being established.
  • Seek the support of the municipalities in which the businesses are located; these communities will define the TMA's primary service area, although under certain conditions the service area could expand in the future.
  • Notify and work with MassCommute, MassDOT and MassRIDES (the state’s travel options program) to identify other potential members and determine if there are any existing MassRIDES partners within the proposed service area; MassRIDES partners should be encouraged to participate as founding members.
  • Determine the minimal services that the TMA will provide, including:
      - Sesonal promotions to encourage alternative commute options
      - Regular distribution of alternative commute options information
      - Ridematching for carpools and vanpools - facilitation of and promotion of service
      - Guaranteed/Emergency Ride Home Program
      - Personal commute planning assistance
      - Advocacy for public policy initiatives that strengthen TDM
      - Incentive programs
  • The TMA’s founders should decide how the organization will be funded:
      - Establish annual dues structure
      - Work with MassCommute to determine any existing funding opportunities
                  #Consider applying for a TDM funding grant to the local Metropolitan Planning Organization
                    (MPO). If appropriate, approach a supporting municipality to be the grant sponsor.
  • The TMA’s founders should decide how the organization will be managed:
      - Designate staff from within one or more of the founding members;
      - Hire new employees/staff; or
      - Issue a contract for a consultant/consulting company to operate the TMA
  • Establish by-laws and incorporate the TMA as a not-for-profit organization.
      - File necessary paperwork with IRS and Commmonwealth of MA
  • Founding members should address the following questions during development and keep accurate records of the responses and the consensus of the group:
      - What is the mission of the TMA?
      - What are the goals of the TMA?
      - Who will manage the TMA?
      - What are the primary services that the TMA will provide?
      - Where will the TMA be housed?
      - What willl the TMA's initial 3-year operating budget be?
      - What will be the sources of funding to sustain a .50 FTE TMA Coordinator?
  • Once established, form an Advisory Board (Board of Directors depending on structure). The members of the TMA will elect the TMA Board (one vote per member company). The number of Board members will be specified in the organizations by-laws. This group should meet on a regular basis.
  • Work with MassCommute on regional advocacy issues, promotional events and marketing campaigns. Click here.