What is a TMA/TMO?

Short for "Transportation Management Association" or "Transportation Management Organization", a TMA/TMO is a private, non-profit association of businesses* joined together in a legal agreement for the purpose of reducing traffic congestion and pollution by improving and providing transportation options for commuters. 

Such associations’ operations may include: working closely with public agencies, employee transportation networks, shuttle operations, resource/legislative advocacy, commuter services and other Transportation Demand Management marketing programs. Each TMA differs in size and range of services and programs offered, as each one is designed specifically to serve the needs of commuters and businesses in a specific geography. As a result, TMAs often collaborate closely with local municipalities and other stakeholders who share the goal of improving local transportation access and economic vitality. Click to see what types of services and programs are offered by TMAs in Massachusetts.

TMA/TMOs are dedicated to:

  • Decreasing traffic congestion and improving mobility across the region for people, goods, and services;
  • Facilitating local economic development;
  • Developing local transportation infrastructure, services, and program;
  • Reducing mobile source emissions to improve air quality and the environment;
  • Serving as a conduit between communities and local businesses to facilitate compliance with zoning ordinances and regulations.

*Businesses that are members of a TMA can include medical facilities, colleges and universities, property managers and developers, small to large scale companies, and more. Click to see a list of companies that are members of a TMA in Massachusetts